Start Using Cheap Vape Pens And You Won’t Regret It

Stop buying those expensive mods. It’s nothing but pure consumerism and marketing that has hijacked your brain. There is no need for these $100+ devices. Everyone has fallen into the trap because they saw a cool video raving about a mod. If people would read the disclaimer on these videos, they’d see that the video creator is being paid to make the video. Some of the more forthright reviewers, like Nick from Daily Vape TV, will actually tell you they’re being paid for the review. They also get the devices for free. Who in their right mind is going to rag on a device that they received for free and are getting paid per sale of the device? Nobody would voluntarily shoot themselves in the foot like that.

Which Low-Cost Vape Pen Is The Best?

There are a thousand and one choices when it comes to low-cost vaporizers. Telling you which one you should get is impossible without knowing your situation and preferences. However, I can say that you don’t need to spend any more than $50 to get an amazing device. You probably will only need to spend half of that. Since I don’t know you or your preferences, I am going to recommend a nice device that is well-rounded. This device is known as the Vaporesso VECO One PLUS.

I like this vape pen because it packs a 3300mAh battery (which is a lot). A battery of that size will last you all day long, and even some of tomorrow. Other devices in this price range will have a 2000mAh battery or less. This device pushes 40W of power to the atomizer. The tank is also bigger than average, holding 4mL of e-juice. Say goodbye to the miniature 2mL tanks! They’re so annoying because you have to refill them twice as much. Just let me vape for goodness sakes!

I saved the best for last. This vape kit will only cost you $26 at Like I said, this is just one of the many good options in the $50 or less price range. If you want to see a more extensive list of cheap vaporizers, visit A lot of people are really lazy, like me, and don’t want to fool around with a massive list of devices. It’s confusing for some of us. If that’s you, just get the VECO One PLUS and enjoy the smooth vapors at a fraction of the price.

Less Expensive Mods Are Safer

One thing that’s important to remember is the reason you’re vaping. If you’re vaping for harm reduction, then you don’t need a crazy mod to reap the benefits. Experts estimate that vaping is 95 % safer than smoking. They didn’t say that only expensive vape pens and mods are 95% safer. Actually, the more powerful the device the more dangerous it is. Devices that spit out ridiculous power actually can make the e-juice more carcinogenic. You’re better off staying under 100W, which is easy with starter devices.

Another thing to think about is the original reason vaping exists. It exists to help people wean off tobacco. That’s the truth. It has evolved into a new direction and is similar to a sport now. Let the flavor chasing and cloud chasing athletes continue to perform their vape acrobatics by themselves. You don’t need the newest megawatt 400 mod like them. If your goal is to supply your body with a reliable source of nicotine, then stick with a reasonably priced vaporizer. They get the job done terrifically.

Warning: Vaping Is Going In The Wrong Direction

You heard it here first, vapers are being milked in their time of vulnerability. Yes, I said it. Big companies are doing what they do best. Marketing products that people don’t need in order to make them feel like they need it. This inevitably happens in every market and I usually don’t mind. I only mind when it comes to health markets. Vaping is a health related industry. People vape to improve their quality of life. Most people don’t vape to be trendy or cool. Actually, lots of people are made fun of for vaping, especially men. Men are made out to be soft and feminine if they vape. As if coating your lungs with tar is manly. To get back on topic, vapers are people who are looking to make a positive change. When you quit smoking, you’re in a vulnerable position. Your body is going to miss your old tobacco routine and will react accordingly. These are the people who are being milked for their whole paycheck and I don’t agree with it.

That’s one thing I can appreciate about other nicotine replacement products. They don’t try to make you feel like crap about your most recent purchase. They sell you your nicotine replacement and that’s it. With vaping, they sell you a device and proceed to tell you why you should buy another device one month later. For people transitioning to smoking, they don’t know any better. Vaping is relatively new so nobody knows what to do. People in a vulnerable state who just want a good device will think they need to upgrade. This ruins the cost benefit of switching to vaping in the first place.

Don’t Fall Victim To It

The best way to fight against the crazy amount of BS on the market is to not pay attention to it. As a vaper, I know firsthand how hard this can be. When I first started vaping, I was obsessed with it. It was like finding a miracle product. I watched every review from RIP Trippers and among several others. Every time they would recommended a new device as one of the best ever, I would immediately feel like crap about my current “best ever” device. This lead to me buying as many mods and tanks as I could. Most of them were pretty good, some not so much. Every device made me feel like I was on top of the world for a couple days, until the next review was posted. Then I went back to figuring out how I was going to be able to afford the newest and greatest device.

Luckily for me, most of the time I couldn’t afford the newest device. I was stuck using my latest device until my next check rolled around. I saved a lot of money by being broke. If you’re not broke like me, you’ll find yourself buying way too many devices. This is a trap. I’ve used many devices, and honestly can say that cheap mods are safer and work just fine. You may be tempted to go out and spend as much money as you can afford on the newest device that claims to be the best of the year, but don’t do it. Wait a week or two for the next device, which will also be the best of the year. Don’t buy that one either. Wait another week or two for next device. You’ll start to see a pattern. Once you recognize the pattern, you’ll start looking for devices that offer what you specifically are looking for rather than devices that are heavily promoted.

2 Reasons Smoking Is Downright Dirty And You Should Consider Vaping

If you’re still smoking tobacco, it is time for a wake-up call. Most of us know that there are definitely some severe health hazards if you opt to light up. Unfortunately, lots of people simply can’t stop smoking despite multiple efforts to become tobacco-free. The good news is that e-cigs supply an alternate to immediately stop smoking tobacco altogether. Should you need a bit more inspiration to consider vaping, here are a couple more reasons why you can’t afford to take another puff from a cigarette.

1) Smoking Destroys Your Air Passage

If you would like to live a long healthy life, you’ll need to stop smoking because of the harmful effects of the thousands of chemicals in commercialized tobacco products. These chemicals can cause permanent damage and make breathing a lot more difficult. Actually, smoking has been tied to lung cancer as well. Some people say it causes it, which hasn’t been proven yet. There is a correlation between smoking and lung cancer, but not causation.

If you’re among the lucky people who manage to evade lung cancer, you’re still not off the hook. Your airway will still suffer significantly. The soft tissues of the lungs will begin to harden and grow black. Then you could also have a sudden increase in endometriosis, a long-term cough, and you may develop asthma or perhaps emphysema. You might as well stop this harmful but addictive habit right now. There’s never a right time, so you might as well do it now.

2) Smoking Makes You Appear Old

You might think the life-altering effects of tobacco can only be seen on your insides, but your outward appearance will reflect your habit as well. Cigarette smoke contributes to wrinkles, stretch marks, bags beneath the eyes, and total toughening of the skin. Smoking essentially eliminates the elasticity of the skin so that you will age at quicker speeds. Worse yet, there is a greater risk for skin cancer, psoriasis, as well as warts. Hopefully, these two reasons are enough to make you consider vaping or some other form of nicotine replacement therapy. If not, email me so I can scare you some more!