2 Reasons Smoking Is Downright Dirty And You Should Consider Vaping

If you’re still smoking tobacco, it is time for a wake-up call. Most of us know that there are definitely some severe health hazards if you opt to light up. Unfortunately, lots of people simply can’t stop smoking despite multiple efforts to become tobacco-free. The good news is that e-cigs supply an alternate to immediately stop smoking tobacco altogether. Should you need a bit more inspiration to consider vaping, here are a couple more reasons why you can’t afford to take another puff from a cigarette.

1) Smoking Destroys Your Air Passage

If you would like to live a long healthy life, you’ll need to stop smoking because of the harmful effects of the thousands of chemicals in commercialized tobacco products. These chemicals can cause permanent damage and make breathing a lot more difficult. Actually, smoking has been tied to lung cancer as well. Some people say it causes it, which hasn’t been proven yet. There is a correlation between smoking and lung cancer, but not causation.

If you’re among the lucky people who manage to evade lung cancer, you’re still not off the hook. Your airway will still suffer significantly. The soft tissues of the lungs will begin to harden and grow black. Then you could also have a sudden increase in endometriosis, a long-term cough, and you may develop asthma or perhaps emphysema. You might as well stop this harmful but addictive habit right now. There’s never a right time, so you might as well do it now.

2) Smoking Makes You Appear Old

You might think the life-altering effects of tobacco can only be seen on your insides, but your outward appearance will reflect your habit as well. Cigarette smoke contributes to wrinkles, stretch marks, bags beneath the eyes, and total toughening of the skin. Smoking essentially eliminates the elasticity of the skin so that you will age at quicker speeds. Worse yet, there is a greater risk for skin cancer, psoriasis, as well as warts. Hopefully, these two reasons are enough to make you consider vaping or some other form of nicotine replacement therapy. If not, email me so I can scare you some more!

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