We like vaping, but we love vapers! A vaper is someone who vapes, duh. In actuality, there’s a lot more to us than that. We personify the dynamic era of the new millennium. In this time period, nothing stays the same. You have to able to change on a dime and roll with the tide. That’s what vapers have done. We are mainly people who used to smoke and decided to make a change. There’s no universal reason that has driven us to quit smoking. Some of us may have quit because of various health reasons, others because of aesthetics. Believe it or not, some of us have even quit because we wanted to up our selection in the dating pool! It’s a known fact that many people will not date a smoker. The same does not hold true for vapers. Most people see vaping as a good thing since it gets people off of tobacco. Since you don’t know why a vaper has quit smoking, or if they even smoked in the first place, don’t judge us!

We are simply a group of people who are not afraid of change. We welcome it with open arms and encourage you to do the same. Quitting cigarettes is no easy feat, even when you can still get your nicotine. You have to be strong to put down the little white sticks. Vapers are strong-willed individuals so you might want to make friends with us. We can blow through obstacles and face life’s challenges head on. If you’re nice to us, then we may even help you get through some of your challenges. If you’re thinking about becoming a vaper, just know that there are millions of people who support your harm reduction journey.

Keep vaping on!