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Wednesday 23rd April 2014,
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Mod Joyetech Upgrade V2

valtergomes June 10, 2012 No Comments
Mod Joyetech Upgrade V2

Hey guys!

Time to talk about the Mod Joyetech Upgrade V2 from YoVapeo!

Well, if you already know the Ego-C2 Upgrade Batteries from Joyetech, this mod works with the same functions as the batteries.
Basicly, there’s 2 operation modes on this Mod.. One is the regular Joyetech Ego type batteries, that works basicly on 3.3v, and the 2nd mode, is to work with the current battery voltage, basicly, with a fully charged battery, the mod will work on near the 4.2v and then it will drop with the use.

The mod performs really good!

But, watch the video and learn more.

Hope you enjoy it!


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