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valtergomes June 24, 2012 No Comments

Hey guys!

So, this time.. It’s something different!

I don’t know if you already heard about this website, So I’m here to spread the word about this cause that the vaping community started to help Twyggaerynn (A host from ElixirTV).

As you can read, If you visit the website:

The Vaping Community is coming together to raise money for Twyggaerynn – A host from ElixirTV who is dealing with Stage 3 Malignant Pilar tumors with resulting Squamous Cell Carcinoma he has had 3 surgeries, with partial skull extraction along with localized tissue removal, and on going chemo and radiation therapy. He also has severe spinal nerve damage and loss of use of his left arm resulting from factory injuries. If you can donate anything please help one of our fellow vapers. Rare and Hard to find items will be up for auction, as well as a raffleSaturday June 23rd starting at 10am eastern time.

Now tell me… What’s the best community out there? The vaping community for sure!!!

There’s some Auctions going on at, so take sometime and visit the website and bid on the items!
I’ve just offered 2 x 3 month Advertise Spots on OHMYVAPE.COM to help Twygg.. If you can help, mail them to know more! Lets all get together and help Twygg! ;)

I do hope everything goes well for Twygg, and that he comes back on ElixirTV soon!!

Cheers guy!

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