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Sunday 20th April 2014,
OHMYVAPE.COM | The vape World, in one spot!

Claromizer Vision 2.0

valtergomes July 18, 2012 No Comments
Claromizer Vision 2.0

Hey guys!

Time to talk about the new Vision Claromizers 2.0 (or Stardust 2.0) from VapSpain!

You like the Stardust 1.0? Well.. You will love this new 2.0!
Basicly, this version performs a little better than the older version, and we can replace the Atty Head.. And for those that are skilled enough to rebuild the resistance of the Atomizer head, it will be way easier than the 1.0 version.

But well.. Watch the video and learn more!

Hope you enjoy it!


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