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Wednesday 23rd April 2014,
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Vivi Nova V1

valtergomes July 31, 2012 No Comments
Vivi Nova V1

Hey guys!

It’s time to talk about the Vivi Nova V1 from YoVapeo.

Well.. If you saw my review on the Vivi Nova V2, you already know that I’m a huge fan of this type of system.. But, what about the V1?

It has the same performance of the V2, but with some small issues that can be easily fixed.. For example, if you remove the extra wick on top of the resistance and cut the long wick (to the size of the V2 for example), the performance will get better.. At least, I did that and I’m having a great time with this one! (And my V2 died on me.. I’ll talk about this later on a VS of the Vivi Nova’s)

But well, watch the video and learn more!

Hope you enjoy it!


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