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Sunday 20th April 2014,
OHMYVAPE.COM | The vape World, in one spot!

Genesis Echo Kit

valtergomes September 12, 2011 No Comments

Hello guys!

Today I’m reviewing a product from Genesis, the Genesis Echo Kit.

At the first look, it looks like an Ego with Shapped Cartos. It performs really well, batteries will most likely last you 1 full day, and a very easy-to-use device.
As I’ve started with the Ego-T devices, I had no issues at all using this device, and this one performs better than the Ego-T (not much of a fan of “cold” temperature systems).

The only downside with this batteries, is that there’s no 5 clicks on/off system on them.. And sometimes, it can turn on in your pocket.

Check the video, and learn more!

Hope you enjoy it!


DISCLAIMER: This product was sent to me free of charge for Review purposes.
I always give my honest and true opinion on my reviews, and it will NEVER be influenced in any way. You can read my face!
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