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Monday 21st April 2014,
OHMYVAPE.COM | The vape World, in one spot!

Genesis E-Liquids Part 2

valtergomes September 23, 2011 No Comments

Hey there!

Another Review on E-Liquids, this time from Genesis.

Part 2.. I’ll review RY4 (ye, i love RY4′s!) and USA Mix, both on 24mg.
As you should already guess.. My choice went for RY4! Not that the USA Mix isn’t good, but it’s a common flavour on most of tobacco flavoured e-liquids. As for the RY4.. I think I could vape RY4 for weeks! Lol

As for this e-liquids, on 24mg on a 306 Atty, the TH is not that big, but on Cartomizers it does get a boost!

Check the video out and learn more!

Hope you enjoy it!


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