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Friday 18th April 2014,
OHMYVAPE.COM | The vape World, in one spot!

Apache E-Cig

valtergomes November 12, 2011 No Comments

Hey guys!

Today I’ll talk about the Apache E-Cig Kit from SpainCigar!

Well, I’m not much of a fan of this fashion stylish e-cigs.. So I wouldn’t walk with it on the street, but I do use it at home, and it performs really well.
Even me, a lover of the cartos kr808d-1 hor. res., sometimes I like to change and use clearo type systems..

As for this system, it performs really well, fantastic vapour production, fantastic throat hit (used a 18mg liquid, that felt like a 18mg liquid), good flavour and a not-so-hot temperature.

Well, watch the video and learn more on this system!

Hope you enjoy it!


DISCLAIMER: This product was sent to me free of charge for Review purposes.
I always give my honest and true opinion on my reviews, and it will NEVER be influenced in any way. You can read my face!
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