Warning: Vaping Is Going In The Wrong Direction

You heard it here first, vapers are being milked in their time of vulnerability. Yes, I said it. Big companies are doing what they do best. Marketing products that people don’t need in order to make them feel like they need it. This inevitably¬†happens in every market and I usually don’t mind. I only mind when it comes to health markets. Vaping is a health related industry. People vape to improve their quality of life. Most people don’t vape to be trendy or cool. Actually, lots of people are made fun of for vaping, especially men. Men are made out to be soft and feminine if they vape. As if coating your lungs with tar is manly. To get back on topic, vapers are people who are looking to make a positive change. When you quit smoking, you’re in a vulnerable position. Your body is going to miss your old tobacco routine and will react accordingly. These are the people who are being milked for their whole paycheck and I don’t agree with it.

That’s one thing I can appreciate about other nicotine replacement products. They don’t try to make you feel like crap about your most recent purchase. They sell you your nicotine replacement and that’s it. With vaping, they sell you a device and proceed to tell you why you should buy another device one month later. For people transitioning to smoking, they don’t know any better. Vaping is relatively new so nobody knows what to do. People in a vulnerable state who just want a good device will think they need to upgrade. This ruins the cost benefit of switching to vaping in the first place.

Don’t Fall Victim To It

The best way to fight against the crazy amount of BS on the market is to not pay attention to it. As a vaper, I know firsthand how hard this can be. When I first started vaping, I was obsessed with it. It was like finding a miracle product. I watched every review from RIP Trippers and among several others. Every time they would recommended a new device as one of the best ever, I would immediately feel like crap about my current “best ever” device. This lead to me buying as many mods and tanks as I could. Most of them were pretty good, some not so much. Every device made me feel like I was on top of the world for a couple days, until the next review was posted. Then I went back to figuring out how I was going to be able to afford the newest and greatest device.

Luckily for me, most of the time I couldn’t afford the newest device. I was stuck using my latest device until my next check rolled around. I saved a lot of money by being broke. If you’re not broke like me, you’ll find yourself buying way too many devices. This is a trap. I’ve used many devices, and honestly can say that cheap mods are safer and work just fine. You may be tempted to go out and spend as much money as you can afford on the newest device that claims to be the best of the year, but don’t do it. Wait a week or two for the next device, which will also be the best of the year. Don’t buy that one either. Wait another week or two for next device. You’ll start to see a pattern. Once you recognize the pattern, you’ll start looking for devices that offer what you specifically are looking for rather than devices that are heavily promoted.

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